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Welcome to John Crawley Books.  Here you can find everything from spy thrillers to love stories. From mysterious science experiments gone terribly wrong, to a fishing tale swallowed hook, line and sinker. From a raging forest fire to the raging emotions of World War II— it is all here.  Simply click on a book and you will be taken to a bookseller where you can find hard copy or eBook versions of John’s work. Enjoy!

Beneath Us

Ripple Effect

One Elephant Too Many

Of Poets and Old Men

Wrong Number

Lincoln Texas

The End

The perfect food

Letters from Paris

Fishing Lessons

The Myth Makers

Beyond a shadow of a doubt


The man on the grassy knoll

Between Sunday's Columns

The House Next Dooe

The Uncivil War

Baby Changes Everything

Under The Radar

Among the aspen