John crawley

John Crawley is an award-winning author based in Dallas, Texas. He is pleased to announce his new publication: Beneath Us. Visit our book page to get a copy for yourself of a friend.

John Crawley

Meet the author

John Crawley is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.  In addition to penning his numerous novels and short stories, he built a thirty-year career in advertising, specializing in TV and Radio, helping to build dozens of national brands from airlines to automobiles.

John's books

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Beneath Us

A love story mingling with the dark secrets of two families from different rungs on a very congested social ladder.

The Ripple Effect

A mass shooting at a Texas mall may change the way you feel about guns and gun control.

One Elephant Too Many

One young lawyer’s attempt to save the African Elephant with the aid of an inexperienced witch.

This is a brilliant piece of literary fiction... Your movements from storytelling to developing passages within an acclaimed book is the stroke of genius.…It is without doubt the finest book you have ever written
Caleb Pirtle’s comments about Beneath Us, written ten days prior to his untimely passing
-We will miss you Caleb